Helix Radio

See the Helix Radio in action in this short video.

  • 7″ touchscreens integrated into each module
  • 6 to 24 motorized faders (in increments of 6)
  • Monitor module with control room, headphone, guest/studio, and cue controls
  • Integrated profanity delay controls for delay line built into certain models of the Logitek Audio Engine
  • 1 stereo program bus, 8 stereo aux buses
  • EQ, dynamics controls available at every fader
  • 24 mix minus buses
  • Interfaces to popular automation systems via AoIP

The Helix Console Is Powered By The Logitek Audio Engine

Here’s how to choose the right Audio Engine for your studio.

FeatureJET67JetStream Plus
AES-67, Livewire+, RavennaYesYes
Dante$695 OptionIncluded
Microphone Inputs4, with phantom powerEngine has 15 card slots; 8 channel Mic In with phantom power available
Analog Inputs6 stereo or 12 monoEngine has 15 card slots; Analog In card uses 2 slots and has 16 mono or 8 stereo inputs
Digital Inputs2 digital inputsEngine has 15 card slots; Digital In card uses 1 slot and has 8 AES inputs
Analog Outputs8 stereo or 16 monoEngine has 15 card slots; Analog Out card uses 2 slots and has 16 mono or 8 stereo outputs
Digital Outputs2 digital outputsEngine has 15 card slots; Digital Out card uses 1 slot and has 8 AES outputs
IO ConnectionsQuick connect Phoenix-style terminal blocksDB-25
Profanity DelayNot availableIncluded
How many consoles can 1 engine support1Up to 3
Price (not including console)$2950Varies with card configuration. Fully loaded, around $12,000

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