About Logitek


Logitek was founded in 1979 by Tag Borland and Scott Hochberg in Houston, Texas after helping build Rice University’s radio station, KTRU, from scratch. After creating equipment for the station to use, the two decided to turn that into a business. After several years, Mr. Hochberg moved on to a career in politics, serving in the Texas state legislature. Through the 1980s and 90s, Logitek made a variety of audio meters, distribution amplifiers, phono preamps, and analog audio consoles for broadcasters as well as some specialized equipment for education.

Under Mr. Borland’s ownership and vision, Logitek exited the analog console business in 1998 and shifted towards a router based digital audio console, being the first North American manufacturer to do so. The AE-32 Audio Engine and Numix audio console blazed a trail in the console business. Today, most audio consoles are router based.

In the early 2000s, Logitek was the first console manufacturer to introduce a virtual console when it introduced vMix. Other firsts in this decade included being the first console manufacturer to build a profanity delay into the console and router. The first generation Mosaic console was introduced to radio, and the Artisan brought full TV production capabilities to an affordable audio console. Logitek’s JetStream Mini packed high I/O density into two rack units.

From 2010 onward, Logitek progressed forward with television automation interfaces to Ross Overdrive and Sony ELC, and the JetNet Audio over IP interface to radio automation systems such as ENCO. The JetStream Plus brought the highest I/O density per rack unit to audio networking.

As television production evolved, Logitek’s approach evolved with the introduction of “Glass Cockpit” controls where no physical mixing console is used while giving a TV director full control of the audio.

2017 saw the introduction of the Helix line of products, which picked up NewBay’s Best of Show award from TV Technology and Radio Magazine at the 2017 NAB Show.. The Helix Radio and Helix Television replaces most of the buttons found on a traditional console with touchscreens while keeping motorized faders and the physical controls an operator needs to operate the console with their eyes focused elsewhere. The Helix Surface, a multi-touch control surface optimized for the Microsoft Surface Studio, puts the entire radio or television console on a sheet of glass.

In 2019, Logitek celebrated its 40th anniversary and looks forward to introducing new, affordable innovation for broadcast.

1970s – 1980s – Custom Audio Series

1990s – Early 2000s – Numix Console

Early 2000s – 2017 – Artisan Console

2017 – Helix Console